Networking activities

Collaborate Committee

This subcommittee is in charge of maintaining relations with existing partners and creating new opportunities for collaboration so that more expertise, perspectives, and resources can be made available to improve the operational modalities of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Lorenzo Salazar
Deputy Prosecutor General to the Court of Appeal of Naples (Sostituto Procuratore Generale presso la Corte d’Appello di Napoli)




Presentazione annuale COLAF 2022.

Presentazione annuale COLAF 2022.

Author: Lorenzo Salazar, Federica Gentilini Committee: Collaborate Committee Date: 08/01/2024 In data 11 Dicembre 2023, l’On. Raffaele Fitto, Ministro per gli Affari Europei, il Sud, le Politiche di Coesione e il Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR), ha...