Author: Lorenzo Salazar, Federica Gentilini
Committee: Collaborate Committee
Date: 26/01/2024

On the 5th of January 2024, the EU Commission received Poland’s formal notification of its intention to join the EPPO, the request was sent by the Poland’s Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar.

Starting from that date, the Commission has now four months to confirm the participation of Poland in the enhanced cooperation, by means of a Decision.

The Commission’s Decision will establish the date in which the EPPO Regulation will enter into force in Poland.

Depending on that date, the Selection Panel will have to hear the Polish candidates for the position of European prosecutor. The Selection Panel, of which the Chair of the Collaborate Committee Lorenzo Salazar, is part of, will then have to draw up a ranking and present it to the Council to identify the new Polish European Prosecutor.

On the 23rd of January 2024, a delegation from the Polish Ministry of Justice, visited the Central Office of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) in Luxembourg. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss Poland’s future participation in the EPPO and to highlight the concrete and key aspects of the cooperation.

The Polish delegation, composed of several members, met with the European Chief Prosecutor Laura Kӧvesi, the Deputy European Chief Prosecutors, the European prosecutors, the heads of Legal service and Operations unit[1].

Poland could soon become the 23rd participating Member State, marking a new milestone in the establishment of the EPPO.

Moreover, today, the 26th of January, the Swedish Government decided to refer a proposal to the Council on Legislation regarding amendments necessary for Sweden to be able to join the EPPO.

“Swedish membership in EPPO will provide better opportunities for more effective cooperation in the fight against crime, in reclaiming crime profits and safeguarding Swedish taxpayers’ money. The Government has today taken an important step for Sweden to be able to join the EPPO,” said the Swedish Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer[2].



After Poland’s announcement to join the EPPO in 2024 and Sweden’s intention to do the same, Hungary will become the only Member State to remain out of EPPO’s sight — Denmark and Ireland have an opt-out.

Collaborate Committee:
Chair: Lorenzo Salazar
Vice-Chair: Federica Gentilini


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