Author: Simone Garbagnati
Committee: Media Committee
Date: 28/05/2024

Step into the world of legal intrigue and transnational cooperation as Roberto Saviano, renowned for his  fearless pursuit of truth, sits down with Prosecutor Danilo Ceccarelli, now EPPO senior coordinator. In this  exclusive interview, they peel back the layers of one of Europe
s most groundbreaking initiatives, promising  insights that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But before we dive in, lets set the scene: Picture a groundbreaking initiative born from Regulation  2017/1939, aiming to forge a unified judicial powerhouse with investigative prowess across 22 Member  States. The EPPO’s mandate? Safeguarding the EU’s financial interests and tackling high-stakes crimes  outlined in the PIF Directive (2017/1371), like budgetary fraud exceeding national borders or VAT schemes  eclipsing 10 million euros. So, buckle up because when Saviano and Ceccarelli join forces, you know you’re  in for an interview like no other—a gripping tale of crime, courage, and the unwavering quest for justice in  the modern world.

As Saviano probes the shadowy corners of the EPPO’s operations, Ceccarelli unveils Italys pivotal role in  orchestrating this judicial coup, highlighting its relentless dedication and painting it as the driving force  behind the EPPO’s inception. Italy emerges as a powerhouse, leading the charge against crime within the  EU. In fact, Italy dominates the EPPO stats chart, boasting soaring numbers of investigations, staggering  amounts of confiscations and seizures, all of which showcase its unwavering commitment to justice on a  European scale. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about impact. Saviano weaves a narrative of Italy’s  triumphs, showcasing its prowess in combating PNRR frauds, thwarting criminal enterprises, and securing  convictions. Each statistic becomes a badge of honor, a testament to Italy’s resolve in the fight for justice on  a European scale.

But heres the plot twist:  despite the EPPOs efforts and  Italys star performance,  mainstream media seems  oddly silent on their achievements. Why this,  Saviano asks himself?

Picture this: a labyrinth of institutional protocols, where the EPPO’s press office leaves traditional media  outlets grasping at shadows. Yet, beyond this bureaucratic maze lies a deeper dilemma—the elusive nature  of newsworthiness. In a world where scandals and sensations reign supreme, economic and financial  matters often languish in the shadows, overshadowed by the glitz of celebrity gossip and political intrigue.  But there’s more to the story. The subjects of the EPPO’s investigations are not the titans of tabloids or the  idols of Instagram; they dwell in the murky depths of tax evasion and financial malfeasance. It’s a realm of  complexity and technicality, where only the savviest readers dare to tread. But there is a tale waiting to be  told. It’s a saga of tireless prosecutors waging war against white-collar crime, of victories won in the  shadows and battles fought in the boardrooms. It’s a narrative that transcends headlines and captures the  imagination—a story of justice, in all its intricate glory, unfolding before our very eyes.

Despite the hurdles, the prosecutor’s office is finally stepping into the spotlight, with major newspapers  reporting on its achievements:

ANSA, 04/4/2024, reported the discovery of a PNRR fraud worth 17 million euros. LA STAMPA, regarding a fraud amounting to 600 million euros.

SHIPPING ITALY, in relation to a tax fraud involving shippers from Prato and Bologna with estimated  damages of 7 million euros.

But wait, theres more! A secret weapon in the EPPOs arsenal emerges: a media committee led by none  other than Roberto Saviano, tirelessly championing their cause through savvy blog posts and international  outreach. The result? A surge in interest, a buzz of excitement around a once niche topic.

Yet, despite these daring maneuvers, the EPPO remains a shadowy figure, lurking in the margins of public  awareness, as Cesare Gai (secretary of the penal chamber of Rome) astutely observes. So whats the plan?  Enter social media, the modern battleground of ideas might seem an unlikely ally, but they hold the power to bridge the gap between the EPPO and the masses. Creating official accounts on these platforms could  facilitate better dissemination of information about the EPPO, helping to reduce the perceived distance  between citizens and the EPPO, thereby aiding in a better understanding of its role and importance within  the European Union.


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