Author: Syria Yacoub (matr. n. 870130)
From Editorial Board
Date: 13/05/2024

As we look back on the extensive efforts and achievements of the various committees within EPPO, it becomes apparent that their collective efforts have significantly shaped and advanced EPPO’s imagine. From enhancing agricultural practices to addressing environmental concerns, each committee has played a fundamental role in keeping everyone always in the loops of the news of EPPO.

However, it’s essential to recognize that progress is not static but rather an ongoing journey. As EPPO strives for continuous growth and evolution, it’s extremely important to engage with the next generation in an effective way. The youth represent not only the future but also the future minds, which is extremely important.

That said, I’m honored to present – with the help of Tommaso Cocola and Liam Giannini – an innovative proposal that aims to deepen the engagement between young learners and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) through the development of an interactive application. This initiative seeks to complement the already commendable efforts made through EPPO’s existing social media channels and website, which have served as valuable educational tools (Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn X, YouTube).

The proposed application will be designed to make learning about EPPO’s functions and the wider range of European Union law more engaging and accessible. Interactive features such as quizzes and real-life scenario simulations, could significantly enhance understanding of complex legal concepts. This would not only educate but also inspire young individuals to appreciate the importance of EPPO in the fight against crimes affecting the Union’s financial interests.

While the current digital outreach through social media and the official website has been effective in providing information, the application could introduce a more hands-on learning experience. By engaging users through interactive content, the application can offer a more immersive learning environment that could foster a deeper connection with EPPO’s mission and work.

Our upcoming application will be meticulously crafted around a user-friendly interface, aimed at ensuring easy navigation within the app. We understand the significance of user engagement; therefore, we will implement a dedicated section featuring an interactive quiz. This quiz will be strategically designed to incrementally accumulate points as users progress, fostering engagement and providing an enriching experience. Additionally, the quiz will serve as a gateway to unlocking exclusive insights and information about EPPO. For those who prefer a more direct approach to accessing information, we will also integrate a separate section dedicated solely to providing detailed information. Our goal is to offer a seamless and enjoyable experience while providing valuable knowledge about EPPO’s functions and operations.

Hoping that this application can make you as enthusiastic as we are, we will strive to ensure there is a connection between education and the app.

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