Author: Giuseppe Scaramuzzino
Translator: Adriana Maria Valladares
Committee: Create Committee
Date: 22/02/2024

The course “STEPPO” is one of the Jean Money excellence courses of our law department. It is an innovative and international course, which will also greatly enrich your curriculum. The subject of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office will be addressed, in an interdisciplinary perspective and with a seminar approach, as it was recently set up to investigate fraud against the EU. It is therefore an interdisciplinary course, given that this issue offers insights into all areas of law, involving, among many, topics related to the European Union law; comparative law; criminal law; national and European criminal procedura; administrative law.

The innovation of the course is also in the teaching method. Taking inspiration from the best international law schools, typical lectures will not be held but the course will be seminar, with the participation of experts in the field that will allow to deeply understand the real problems of the implementation of the European Prosecutor’s Office and the main critical issues facing European integration.


For this reason, the special contribution that will be made to the lessons by figures working in the field, including European Prosecutors; General Prosecutors and Commanders of the Financial Police will be essential. There will also be a final conference of the course, attended by characters from the academic environment, the judiciary, the police and the well-known journalist Roberto Saviano (also among the teachers of the course).

It will be a very important day for the whole University, given the presence of highly competent guests and the success that this event has already achieved in the last academic year!

The final exam also differs from traditional teaching models, in favour of an innovative approach. It will consist in the discussion of a paper prepared by the student, which will allow you to look at a legal writing work in English, absolutely necessary and extremely appreciated for an international professional future (such as the business lawyer; the business lawyer; the official of European institutions or international organizations).



The opening conference on 26 February will present the detailed program, the course content and will provide guidance on the preparation of the final paper. The following lessons will be recorded and published on the course website to meet the needs of all students, including those unable to attend in presence.

This is certainly a unique opportunity offered by the law school of our University, characterized by internationality, interdisciplinarity and innovation, which will best contribute to your training as European jurists and citizens.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom on February 26!

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We look forward to seeing you in the classroom on February 26!


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