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Dear Readers
we are pleased to inform you of the update of the case law database with new judgments of the Italian Court of Auditors 2024.
You can find them in the case law database.

In particular, the judgments are: no. 11 of Campania Jurisdictional Section and no. 3 of Sicily Jurisdictional Section.
Both concern the misuse of European Fisheries Funds (EFF), but the illegal conduct is different.
In the judgment no.11, the illegal conduct consisted in the failure to convert professional fishing activity to other regimes, defeating the purpose of the granted funds.
Instead, in the second judgment the grantor made false declarations (specifically, the absence of criminal convictions) regarding the requirements for obtaining the EFF.

The aim of the Court of Auditors in the fight against the misuse of European funds is to recover public funds from the unlawful beneficiaries.


Maria Sofia Scalici e Federica Gigante

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