Author: Daniele Alessandro Luison
Subcommittee: Banking insurance and financial authorities
Date: 25/10/2023

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a significant training program known as the “EPPO Academy” in partnership with the Italian Financial Police, “Guardia di Finanza”. This collaboration, marked by a formal working arrangement signed by European Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruța Kӧvesi and General Commander Andrea De Gennaro, represents a pivotal step in combating serious organized crime within the European Union.

The EPPO recognizes the essential need for specialized investigators in all participating Member States to effectively tackle financial and economic crimes, particularly those impacting the EU budget. Currently, there is a shortage of expertise in this area across the EU. The EPPO Academy’s core objective is to offer law enforcement officers working on EPPO cases the opportunity to learn from experts in fields relevant to the EPPO’s jurisdiction.

In 2024, the EPPO Academy will commence its first series of training courses in collaboration with the renowned Economic-Financial Police School of the Guardia di Finanza. Law enforcement officers from the 22 participating Member States will gain insights into how their work contributes to transnational investigations led by the EPPO. They will also acquire a deeper understanding of legal instruments crucial to EPPO operations, as well as methods for evidence acquisition, analysis, and the detection of crimes affecting the EU’s financial interests.

In the context of the EPPO Academy, the significance of specialists from the banking sector cannot be overstated: these experts play a pivotal role in equipping law enforcement officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle financial and economic crimes effectively. With the ever-evolving nature of financial offenses and their impact on the European Union’s budget, the need for individuals well-versed in the intricacies of banking, financial systems, and economic regulations is paramount.

Banking specialists will provide a unique perspective that will allow EPPO Academy participants to comprehend the intricate mechanisms by which financial crimes are committed and concealed.

Their insights will aid in identifying vulnerabilities in the financial sector and devising strategies to safeguard the EU’s fiscal interests. Moreover, these specialists will facilitate the acquisition of expertise in tracking illicit financial flows, recognizing money laundering schemes, and understanding the nuances of international financial transactions. Their contribution will enhances the Academy’s mission to empower law enforcement officers with the tools required to combat financial crimes, ultimately fortifying the European Union’s capacity to uphold its financial integrity and security.

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