The EPPO’s Panel established under art. 14 of the EPPO Regulation has already sent to the Council of the European Union the ranking for five countries (Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Austria and Italy) over eight in order to cover the positions of the eight outgoing European Prosecutors.

The preparatory bodies of the Council have already agreed on a list of the five new European prosecutors to be appointed which, in four over five cases, reflects the ranking of the Panel.

The Council should adopt a partial decision already next week and ratify it during one of its next meetings.

The Panel will resume next week in order to finalise the selection procedure in order to send to the Council the ranking concerning the remaining candidates for the three remaining positions (Spain, Poland and the Netherlands).

The overall procedure should be concluded by early July in order to avoid any vacuum for the functioning of the EPPO after the summer break.

Author: Lorenzo Salazar
Subcommittee: Collaborate
Date: 20.06.2023

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