The Regional Prosecutor’s Office at the Corte dei conti for Lombardy, at the end of an investigation carried out in cooperation with EPPO, OLAF and Guardia di Finanza, has executed an ante causam seizure decree of € 2,085,810.96 against a leading company in the wine sector, which is the recipient of a EU grant for the financing of the project called “Native Grapes Academy”, aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of the agricultural sector of the European Union. According to the Office, the findings of the investigation showed that the company had unduly obtained the grant.

During the precautionary proceedings, the damaged European Commission Agency (RIA) has intervened ad adiuvandum of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Following the execution of the precautionary measure, the company, while not making any admissions of liability, proceeded to fully compensate the disputed damage in favour of the damaged European Commission Agency.

The case demonstrates the positive effects of the close operational synergy between the Prosecution Offices at the Corte dei conti and EPPO, made even easier by the Working Arrangement signed in Luxembourg on 13 September 2021 between the General Prosecutor at the Corte dei conti and the Chief Prosecutor of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the fruitful collaboration with the Guardia di Finanza and with OLAF in combating conduct harmful to the financial interests of the European Union.

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