The selection Panel provided for by the EPPO Regulation held its second meeting in Vienna (after the first in Luxembourg at the beginning of March) to continue its work for recruiting the new 8 European Prosecutors who have to be replaced after 3 years service due to the partial replacement of one third of the 22 European Prosecutors provided for by the Regulation itself.

It should be recalled that the Panel is composed by twelve persons chosen from among former members of the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors, former national members of Eurojust, members of national supreme courts, high level prosecutors and lawyers of recognised competence.

The Council of the EU has established the selection panel’s operating rules and appointed last January its members on a proposal from the Commission; one of the persons chosen was proposed by the European Parliament.

Upon receipt of the 3 nominations by each Member States, the selection Panel is now reviewing them with regard to the requirements set out in the Regulation and had now hearings with the nominated candidates by Greece, Austria and Italy.

The interviews will then be finalized by next June with candidates nominated by the remaining participating Member States interested by the partial renewal (NL, SP, PT). This is with a view to send an opinion, together with a ranking of each candidate, to the Council, in order to allow the appointment of the new 8 European prosecutors before the expiration of the mandate of their predecessors at the end of July.

Lorenzo Salazar
Collaborate Subcommittee

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