Let’s take a look at some of the answers to the survey on the “EPPO and the protection of the EU budget” destined to the students of the University of Milano Bicocca and IULM University.

What was brought up from the analysis made from c.a. 87 answers to the survey conducted is that 63% is aware of the fact that the EPPO is also responsible for this type of operation, but among these people, the majority doesn’t know that crimes like money laundering is a non military threat to the national security of states!

But almost all of them know that money laundering affects all of us European citizens as social costs and undermines human rights, even though they still don’t know at what extent and how it is possible concretely.

How much do these student really know on the facts of QATARGATE? Most of them know that there’s a rampant corruption phenomena but only a few know exactly what it is about.

Here are some of the answers emerged amongst the survey takers:

  1. Police have found hundred thousand euros in EU Vice-president house. An Italian politician of Sinistra Verde is part of this scandal. It seems very clear the money come from some exponents of Qatar interested in corrupt European politicians to choice Qatar as a place where to play the world matches of 2022
  1. In the past few weeks I heard in the various news reports this news through which, two MEPs, thanks to the support of other people, collected a lot of money so that all the affairs related to Qatar, would be hidden. They are talking about a few million euros delivered in blocks of 50,000 euros each
  2. I know that one of the vicepresidents of the European Parliament has been arrested for illegal actions connected with the Qatargate.

Then we asked students how much do they know on non-profits, and if they knew that they have a huge impact on money laundering and to favor the corruption phenomena and c.a. 70% said that they already knew, but they would love to know more about how it can be possible.

To the question” Did you know that “dirty money” can be transferred in less than 24h and pass 15 European States? And how do you think this is possible” most of the students didn’t know exactly the means, but we got some interesting answers, like:

  1. Yes, because people use cash rather one electronics form of payment
  2. Ghost or dummy shipments
  3. I imagine it is possible in various ways, including innovative ones such as cryptocurrencies for example

From the overall answers we can deduct that most of the students know about the generalities of the topics on anti-fraud, anti-corruption and money laundering, but most of all they are all keen and interested in learning more about them.

Luckily University of Milano Bicocca gives the chance to anyone that is interested to know what the EPPO is and how it works, especially through direct contact with people who’s involved in its working processes, at a national and international level.

Find on the website www.steppo-eulaw.com the timetable of the course and all the important speakers that we have the honor to meet!

10/01/2023 Written by:
Veronica Carbone
Iman Khodi
Estella Gambara

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