The meeting was held on Thursday, 27 October 2022, from 15.00 to 16.00 to present the EPPO Jean Monnet module to a vice-principal of one of the best schools in Milan, Antonella Iannascoli, and a former principal of the prestigious school of Cesare Beccaria Milan, Michele Monopoli.

Professor Benedetta Ubertazzi coordinated the meeting with the chair of the subcommittee Alessandro Fumagalli. Students of professor Ubertazzi’s Course at Milano Biccocca university were also involved.

Everybody actively participated and pitched ideas to make the STEPPO module an excellent opportunity for high school students to understand the importance of EPPO and the process of becoming an EU citizen actively.

It was agreed that lessons would be addressed to the students of Class V. These lessons will not represent the entirety of the module but will be taught only in the context of PCTO. The participants will be evaluated on an essay about their experience with the lessons upon completion of the module.

The schools can choose their students’ lessons of interest and participate in the project with one or two classes. Participation will take place through the conduction of lessons in synchronous and asynchronous modes, along with the direct involvement of the students and teachers. Ten schools (8 in Milan and 2 in Monza and Brianza) will be invited to participate in the project. Both classes or individual students can participate.

We are building the dialogue EPPO – University – School with a focus on students aged 18 and 19 and their teachers, and we expect excellent results!

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