The call was held on Thursday 22 September 2022 from 16:00 to 16:45 to present the EPPO Jean Monnet module to the school managers. The representatives of the four high schools were invited to participate: the school managers of the Ghandi, Fumagalli and Bachelet schools and some teachers from the three institutes of Greppi. Professor Benedetta Ubertazzi coordinated the meeting and was presented by the chair of the subcommittee Alessandro Fumagalli.

Active participation of the representatives of the schools was demonstrated not only in asking questions about the Project, but in proposing interesting activities. In particular, it was agreed that the lessons could be addressed to students of classes V in the context of the PCTO (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation) and for classes IV in the context of Civic Education lessons.

The schools will participate with one or two classes and will choose the lessons of interest to their students. Participation will take place through the audition of lessons in synchronous and asynchronous mode and with the participation in presence in a university hall; the latter can take place in seminar mode with the direct involvement of pupils and teachers.

The schools have expressed their interest and have reserved the right to send the formal adhesion and the signing of the agreement for the PCTO. Only the Director of the Fumagalli Professional Institute raised some doubts about the participation of his students in a project of excellence. He was reminded that some lessons are in Italian and the socio-health sector was affected by the action of EPPO.

The works have certainly got off to a good start and constitute the basis for a constructive dialogue between EPPO – University – School with students aged 18, 19 and their teachers as protagonists.

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