This Jean Monnet Module on the EPPO, was an initiative accredited by the Milan Bar Association and by the National Bar Council thanks to Benedetta Ubertazzi as Aggregate Professor of EU Law, Milano-Bicocca School of Law, who chaired all the lectures and coordinated all of the speakers.

At the end of the course a survey was conducted as an overview of the course taken in the University of Milano Bicocca at the School of Law department from March 6th till April 21st, 2022.

The survey was taken by the students and the admirers of the course and had the scope of knowing the opinion and the perception of this course by the students.

We came to the conclusions that the course satisfied the expectations of everyone, students and professionals that came to take the course, because of the opportunity to gain knowledge from real experts of the field.

This course was held in English since it was necessary because of the internationality of the experts that came to speak, and the majority of the students found it a bonus and were able to understand everything with ease; the rest of the students found it kind of difficult, but it was a great starting point to bring students closer to international studies.

The course touched on many subjects and the students were quick to find the ones that touched their interests: the most quoted topics were terrorism and the contribution with real case studies of the Italian Financial Police. Also, they were able to pinpoint their favorite speakers during the course, and four names were the most quoted, even though we would like to thank and congratulate all of the speakers:

  1. Benedetta Ubertazzi as Aggregate Professor of EU Law, Milano-Bicocca School of Law
  2. Colonel Giuseppe D’Urso of Italian Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza), for the explanation of real cases
  3. Professor Suchan Pietro and and various other teachers with whom we connected also from abroad
  4. Petr Klement, European Public Prosecutor of Czech Republic.

The students highlighted the fact that the course enjoyed the presence of important professionals that had a very effective method of teaching (100% of the students that took the survey agree); they were able to make the majority students feel involved during the lectures thanks to the highly satisfying responses given by the speakers to the doubts that the students raised, also using real or hypothetical cases.

Furthermore,18.2% of the students think that a textbook on the subject would have helped them understand better the subject and stay on top of it, but there’s good news: a digital collection of lectures 2021/2022 is available right now on the Steppo website, so next year’s students can enjoy it.

07/06/2022-Written by
Giacomo Alister Biffi
Estella Gambara
Iman Khodri

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