Topic 6 – 2024 – The Eppo and other bodies joining forces

3rd  April  2024  |  16:30-18:30  |  building  U7  –  aula  04
The EPPO Working Agreement with the European Commission

The EPPO has signed on 18 June 2021 an agreement with the European Commission. It establishes the modalities of cooperation between the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and the European Commission  for   the   purpose   of   protecting   the   financial   interests   of   the   EU.
Benedetta Ubertazzi;
Emmanuel Farhat (online);
Federica Iorio.

8th April 2024 | 16:30-18:30 | building U6 – aula 05
The EPPO and banking supervisory authorities

In the European arena, the EPPO will have to develop links with banking supervisory authorities, which have a long-standing tradition of cooperation with judicial authorities. In the EU supervisory banking authorities play an important role to provide information and where appropriate technical expertise to national prosecutors. Such a role is supported by various provisions in the banking and anti-money laundering EU and national legislative framework. In this context, Banca d’Italia has a long-standing tradition for cooperation with judicial authorities. The presentation will illustrate the grounds for cooperation between supervisory authorities and criminal prosecutors and how such co- operation developed and supported by the European legislative framework. It is expected that EPPO will have to establish similar links with supervisory authorities.
Benedetta Ubertazzi;
Graziano Grasso;
Daniele Luison.

9th April 2024 | 16:30-18:30 | building U6 – aula 26
The EPPO working arrangements with the European Court of Auditors (ECA) and the Italian Gen- eral Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Auditors (“Procura Generale presso la Corte dei conti”)

The EPPO signed a working arrangement on 3 September 2021 with the ECA. The EPPO and the ECA share a common interest in maximising efficiency in the fight against fraud, corruption and any other criminal damage to the EU’s financial interests, and in avoiding the duplication of effort wherever possible. This arrangement outlines the conditions for the close cooperation by which this can occur, in full respect of the respective mandates of the EPPO and the Court.
The EPPO signed a working arrangement on 13 September 2021 with the Italian General Prosecu- tor’s Office of the Court of Auditors aiming to provide a structured framework for cooperation and to establish and maintain a cooperative relationship between them.
Benedetta Ubertazzi;
Arturo Iadecola.

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