Topic 5 – 2024 – The Eppo, judicial cooperation and internal and external security

25th   March   2024   |   16:30-18:30   |   building   U6   –   aula   05
The EPPO and the European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Strategy 2019

The start of the operations of the EPPO should be an important step forward in bringing new impetus to the overall anti-fraud architecture of the Union. The EPPO will endeavour to be actively involved in the main strategic EU initiatives in this area, notably the revised 2019 Commission’s Anti-Fraud Strategy (CAFS).
Benedetta Ubertazzi,
Fabrizia Bemer.

26th March 2024 | 16:30-18:30 | building U6 – aula 26
The EPPO cooperation with Europol, OLAF and Eurojust

To achieve its objectives, the EPPO establishes effective cooperation with its key partners.At the EU level, close cooperation with Europol, OLAF and Eurojust in particular remains essential for ensuring that the scope of investigations into offences affecting the Union’s budget is comprehensive, and that the new institutional design for the fight against fraud  is  fully effective.
Benedetta Ubertazzi;
Pietro Suchan.

27th March 2024 | 16:30-18:30 | building U7 – aula 04
The EPPO between EU internal and external security

The security challenges facing the EU are evolving, especially EPPO personal data processing activities, as well as illegal migration and terrorism. The role of CFSP/CSDP and the area of Freedom, Security and Justice in facing these challenges, as well as the issue of proper coordination between EPPO and the different EU agencies potentially involved will be addressed.
Benedetta Ubertazzi;
Antonio Tanca.

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