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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the key body of the entire Module.

It is responsible for managing, planning, and regulating how the entire project is carried out, setting priorities, quality standards, and objectives to be achieved by each subcommittee, supervising the respective results achieved.

It is also in charge of fostering dialogue and coordination between the different subcommittees, removing any obstacles that may arise during the project, and ensuring its success.


The Committee is chaired by Benedetta Carla Maria Angela Ubertazzi, an Associate Professor of European Union Law at Milan-Bicocca University and Coordinator of the Jean Monnet module.

Vice president

The Vice-President is Antony Zhilkin, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in law.


Federica Gentilini


EPPO and EU Law (Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence – STEPPO) November Steering Committee meeting

Steering Committee’s activities 

Steering Committee’s activities  Since the 1st of September EPPONFI has become a centre of excellence: in order to properly fulfil the commitments made with the European Commission, it is necessary that the Steering Committee’s activities extend beyond the teaching...

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