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Interviews Subcommittee

This subcommittee has the task of interviewing professionals specialised in the field of European integration, such as lawyers, judges, or EDPs. In particular, those who perform strategic functions in the operational context of the European Public Prosecution Service.


Serena Cacciatore
Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Palermo and University of Burgos.
Her studies have helped to demonstrate the importance of the European Investigative Order as a privileged tool to fight organised crime.


Costanza De Caro

Alejandro Hernández López

Cristina Ruiz López

Ana María Vicario Pérez


Interview with Salvador Guerrero Palomares

Interview with Salvador Guerrero Palomares

Author: Serena Cacciatore Committee: Interviews Committee Date: 09/11/2023 How has the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office by Regulation 2017/1939 been received? It has been well received. In fact, with regard to the countries that have not...

Interview with Concepción Sabadell Carnicero

Interview with Concepción Sabadell Carnicero

Production date: June 16, 2022. Author: Serena Sabrina Immacolata  Cacciatore, Costanza De Caro, Alejandro Hernández López, Cristina Ruiz López and Ana Vicar Pérez. Approved by the coordinator: Serena Sabrina Immacolata Cacciatore.                                     ...

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