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Lawyers Committee

This subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that criminal and civil lawyers are fully involved and up-to-date, so that the reach of EPPO in the various member states is increased and extended.

The aim is to emphasise the importance of recognising the rights of suspects and defendants during the investigation and trial, with a special focus on the right of defence.


Fabrizio de Sanna
Criminal Lawyers
Specialises in commercial, industrial, bankruptcy, financial, and corporate criminal law. In 2021, he received the Lawyer of the Year ‘Corporate Criminal Law Boutique of Excellence’ award from the legal community.

Federico Iacopo Mamoli
Civil Lawyers
Specialised in corporate, industrial, international, and commercial contract law.


Shubham Banerjee

Olivia Galipo

Federica Iorio

Alessandro Keller

Stefania Maffi

Animay Singh

Giuliana Tammelleo

Alice Travaglin

Paola Todisco

Fabio de Tullio

Federico Cappuccio

Gian Pietro Pilliu


Ela’s annual meeting in Bratislava

Ela’s annual meeting in Bratislava

Author: Federico Mamoli Subcommittee: Lawyers Date: 26/05/2023 I had the opportunity to participate in the European Lawyers Association (ELA) annual meeting 2023 in Bratislava - Slovakia. In such context, several International lawyers coming from many European...

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