Networking activities

Academic Subcommittee

This subcommittee is responsible for raising awareness in academia of the importance of EPPO in the fight against crime.

The aim is to keep the debate alive and open on how to improve and extend EPPO’s expertise to other areas of substantive criminal law.


Alejandro Hernández López
Associate Professor of Criminal Procedure at the University of Valladolid (former research fellow ‘Margarita Salas’)

Ilaria Sticchi
Secretary of the College of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

Enrico Traversa
Professore di diritto del lavoro europeo ed Ex direttore del gruppo “Giustizia” del Servizio giuridico della Commissione europea


Daniela Barlocco

Dorel Herinean

Siena Hoban

Giulia Silvia Scalmana

Pierangelo Seri

Ferdinando Sorbilli

Alessio Vergnano

Andrea Zappalaglio


EPPO and whistleblowers protection

EPPO and whistleblowers protection

Author: Curzio Fossati Subcommittee: Academic Date: 08.05.2023 The main sources of information on crimes for which the EPPO could exercise its competence are the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union, as well as the authorities of the Member...

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